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The third issue of Disturber Magazine is coming soon

To explore contemporaneity through photography, it’s in the still life field that research becomes necessary. Despite being a genre in which the relationship with the viewer is much less direct, it still is the most capable of registering the spirit of the age. It deals with composition, objects set one next to another, of which we are able to perceive with immediacy only their physical part but not the elements of iconicity and meanings that are offered to our interpretation. Objects and their meanings become the two sides of the coin: they are inseparable and keep referencing each other.

Our third issue is devoted to still life and is curated by Thomas Albdorf, who has selected for us some of the most representative upcoming authors in the photography field that has the most to do with contemporary art and its defining itself. The new issue will be available in our store from mid-September.


Andrea P Nguyen, Andreas Ervik, Brea Souders, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Charles Negre, Daniel Everett, David Brandon Geeting, Facundo Pires, Fleur van Dodewaard, Jason Gowans, Johan Rosenmunthe, Maurice van Es, Max J Marshall, Maxime Guyon, Michael Vahrenwald, Nico Krijno, Natalie Beall and Pierre le Hors, Rachel de Joode, Stephanie Gonot, Thomas Albdorf, Trey Wright

Text: Matthew Leifheit

48 pages
17 cm x 24 cm I 6,7″ x 9,4″
Limited edition: 300
Cover: Maurice van Es
Language: English

Publication date: September 2013


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